What Are the Pros and Cons of SharePoint Migration Tools?

Microsoft SharePoint is an online collaboration tool that allows you to store and manage large amounts of data as well as manage libraries, pages, sites, lists, etc. The software is available for both cloud subscriptions and onsite distribution. However, the latest version has some interesting new features to help you organize your content more efficiently. These days, more and more enterprises are migrating to SharePoint from traditional platforms like file servers. The trend will enhance in the coming years. Many SharePoint users, as well as businesses, prefer automatic migration through SharePoint migration tools to ensure secure and quicker migrations.

Organizations also stick to the migrations tools when they want to switch from on-premises to Cloud-based SharePoint.

There are different SharePoint migration tools available in the market. Finding an appropriate solution for your business can be a tricky task. To help you find a suitable one below, we’re discussing different SharePoint migration tools.

ShareGate Desktop

The ShareGate migration tool has the capability to perform both types of migrations on-premises and online. It migrates each and everything, including documents, files, libraries, subsites, lists, etc. There is no limit regarding data size for migration making it a perfect option for large data migrations.

The technical team of the software is quite efficient and offers online sessions for the users too. ShareGate Desktop generates post-migration reports for migration process analysis. And it also supports the migration of Nintex workflows.


  • Built-in custom reports.
  • Simple user-interface.
  • Migration from Office 365 and file share.
  • Pre as well as post-migration validation.
  • Offers unlimited data migration along with metadata, permissions, and properties intact.
  • Migration between tenants.


  • As there is no incremental data migration, so the tool offers limited flexibility.
  • There are limitations in scheduling migrations.

Dockit Migrator by VYAPIN

The smart and promising features of Dockit Migrator by VYAPIN make it an amazing SharePoint migration tool. However, it is advanced software that migrates content, sites, lists, and more. SharePoint Online, file shares, and OneDrive for business, the tool provides support for all versions. Moreover, it provides the facility to restructure metadata, workflow migration, migration status reports, replacement of illegal characters, incremental migration, planning of migration, and batch migration.


  • Dockit Migrator offers a number of beneficial advantages like workflow migration, NTFS permissions migration, and pre-migration checklist.
  • You also get metadata editing, batch, and incremental migration.


  • Requires to support more sources.

Kernel Migrator

Kernel Migrator is an advanced migration tool facilitating SharePoint, Google Drive, Office 365, and OneDrive migration from a single console. However, It can perform SharePoint to SharePoint, file system to SharePoint, and public folder to SharePoint migration.

Kernel Migrator provides filters, CSV-based bulk migration, and pre-migration analysis. It has the capability to support all the SharePoint on-premises versions, which include SharePoint Online (365) and 2019. Other valuable features of the software are migration of complete SharePoint data such as libraries, documents, lists, etc., and incorporating an interactive interface.


  • Offers the convenience of bulk migration with advanced filter options providing selective data migration and CSV files.
  • It provides better migration planning with pre-migration analysis.
  • Support for different sources, which includes all versions of SharePoint, file servers, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Google Drive.
  • Facilitates complete migration such as libraries, lists, etc., along with metadata.


  • The demo version just migrates 5 items from libraries, folders, or lists.

Fly Migration from AvePoint

Fly Migration is a cloud and SharePoint migration tool by AvePoint that not only performs SharePoint migrations but many others as well. Moreover, SharePoint pre-scans the information, then starts migration with advanced filter options. Along with mapping facility and scheduling, the tool also monitors the migration project.

The Fly Migration provides a drag and drop facility, migrates permissions with metadata, and also supports bulk migration with CSV formatting. For updates, it shows the migration status live.


  • It ensures complete and secure migration.
  • With built-in reports, it performs scheduled migration, monitors performance, and tracks progress.
  • Enables pre-scanning of the data.


  • A good interactive interface is required for the tool.
  • It doesn’t support the older version of SharePoint and Foundation.

Quest Solution

Quest solution is particularly designed for SharePoint migration. It supports instant content migration to both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises environments. Moreover, it has a pre-migration assessment feature. The feature helps to decide which plan can work better for migration by identifying any flaw that can occur in the process beforehand. The solution also provides post-migration synchronization.


  • It has a simple interface and offers instant SharePoint migrations.
  • The solution offers a pre-migration analysis of the source environment.


  • It requires a simpler user interface.
  • There are limitations on data migration linked to its license.


The SharePoint migration tools offer seamless migration to the platform. However, to make the most of these tools, you need to consult a tech-savvy vendor such as Xavor Corporation. Xavor provides you with the right team of migration professionals bringing in expertise and experience. We can help you master these tools as well as we offer SharePoint migration services to enterprises.

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