Understand why swimming is a complete sport with many benefits

Swimming is a complete, low-impact sport. Mainly because it puts the whole body to work with Lifeguard class near me. In addition, as it is carried out in the water, it has no shocks or twists, for example .

Among so many benefits are the strengthening of the immune system and weight loss, the improvement of heart and respiratory conditions and the increase in muscle, joint and bone strength. Among the advantages of swimming for children are also safety in the aquatic environment and the development of motor coordination.

As much as it is a complete sport, swimming with lifeguard class near me can also generate well-being. After all, contact with the liquid medium is relaxing. The practice is also suitable for babies, children and adults as well as the elderly, as it is a sport with low impact. Find out more below.

Why is swimming a complete sport?

Swimming puts the whole body to work. Not only freestyle, but also other types, such as backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Equally, each of them is capable of exercising the muscles of the legs as well as the trunk and arms.

Undoubtedly, this is why there are many benefits of swimming. See below why swimming is the best exercise for health.

Swimming moves the whole body

Any physical activity can get the body moving. However, swimming is a complete sport because it combines the muscular work of many other exercises. All in just one.

Just to exemplify, freestyle swimming requires the arms, which work like oars to push the water and move forward. The legs move alternately to ensure balance. The head goes in and out of the water, with each stroke, for breathing.

As much as other types of swimming have different mechanics, they also work the body in an integral way. However, swimming has many other benefits, such as the following.

Great cardiovascular exercise

Walking, running and cycling are good exercises for the heart and lungs. But swimming is a complete sport because it manages to increase pulse and breathing even more, for example. In addition, who controls the intensity is the practitioner.

Not to mention that it is a low-impact sport, unlike those mentioned. In this way, swimming with lifeguard class near me also allows weight loss. And very healthy. After all, the practitioner does not lose muscle. On the contrary, they get stronger.

Complete sport for coordination

Swimming is a complete sport as well because it helps to improve coordination. After all, this low-impact sport demands a lot. Therefore, it promotes her improvement. Especially for people who don’t coordinate well when moving their body.

In swimming, the arms and legs need to work in sync. In addition, breathing also enters into the account. However, as difficult as it may seem, with some classes you can progress a lot until it becomes something natural.

Childhood swimming

There are many benefits to swimming with lifeguard class near me for little ones. All displayed so far are important to their well-being. However, this complete sport has special advantages for children.

Psychomotor development

In the first years of life, swimming contributes to the faster learning of the child. Activities in water increase motor development and help with growth.

Helps prevent drowning

This complete sport goes beyond the practice of sports. Swimming is a tool for safety in water (pool, sea, river and lake) and to avoid accidents and drowning.

Complete sport for self-confidence

Among the benefits of swimming for children is helping to develop self-confidence . When they are stimulated and confident, they tend to be more successful and happier adults.

Disease and anxiety prevention

In addition to preventing childhood obesity and respiratory diseases , this low-impact sport also helps little ones deal with their emotions . The world’s most prestigious scientific journal, The Lancet, published a study indicating that physical exercise in childhood influences mental health in adolescence.

Low impact sport

Swimming is a low-impact sport because there is no body bumping or twisting. It’s just the body and the water. Nothing more. Walking, running and lifting weights, for example, are impact exercises.

Impacts are causes of the most varied injuries. Either by repetition, or with the shock of the joints. What this complete sport doesn’t have. On the contrary, the body is in contact with water and safe.

The activity is gentle and the water absorbs the low impact of this sport. Therefore, swimming with lifeguard class near me is also ideal for those recovering from injuries.

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