Top Places to Visit in Bangalore for a Memorable Outing


The wealth of Karnataka, Bengaluru or Bangalore, may be better known as a centre again for technology industry, but it’s also a treasure for travellers. The thriving city’s picturesque, beautiful green parking, which have given it the moniker “Garden City,” are what primarily entice tourists. Other factors that entice tourists to book a trip to Bangalore include its nightlife, delectable dining options, numerous shopping areas, and endless journey possibilities. There are many places to see in Bengaluru for just a memorable experience as well as things to do in Bengaluru for those travelling to the “Silicon Valley of India” for leisure or for business. Without any more ado, let’s jump right into the breathtaking points of interest which are divided into

To locate your favourites, there are various categories.

Cubbon Park Bangalore’s 

Bustling city is like a sigh of relief thanks to Cubbon Park. The hectare campground is a great choice for an enjoyable excursion with relatives or a relaxing stroll with that special someone. It is brimming with vegetation and tranquilly. With roughly 6000 plants and trees which represent almost 100 known, it is also a veritable treasure chest of species diversity.

No entry fee

Hours: From morning until middle of the night

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Station Old or older Soudha Metro Station are the closest bus stops and subway lines (75 metres)

The Lalbagh Garden in Bangalore

The Mysorean king Sameer Ali, who was in control at the time. Ordered the development of a 40-acre plot of land as a garden area again for. Ruling households in the 1760s, which is when Lalbagh Garden first appeared. What you are seeing today is the result of decades of relentless. Growth and expansion by Humayun, the British, as well as other local tyrants.

$ten entrance fee

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Lalbagh is the closest bus stop and metro station (220 metres)

Bangalore’s Bannerghatta Nature Reserve

Bengaluru may be home to several IT manufacturing behemoths. But still the region surrounding it is where the real wild animals can be found. You can get a close-up view of the region’s intriguing wildlife at. Greenbelt National Park, which is located on the outside of the city.

Entry Fees: 20-30 (Butterfly Park), 40–80 (Zoo), and 150–280 (Safari)

9am a.m. to 5 pm

Safari Travels Bus Stand is the closest train line and bus stop (180 metres)

Bangalore’s Bilikal Unfair or unjust Betta

Among the most popular hiking locations in the region is Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta. Which is situated 70 kilometres south of Bangalore. This hill, which is about 3780 feet high and is covered in thick vegetation. ontains a temple dedicated to Lord Provides’ customer Swamy. These forests are home to medium-sized wild animals like elephants. And the vista from top is lovely as can be!

No entry fee

Time: from dawn to dusk

Kanakapura KSRTC Bus Stand is the closest subway and bus terminal (16.4 km)

Bangalore’s Freedom Park, No. 5

Bangalore’s Individual liberty Park

Individual liberty Park, Bangalore’s answer to London’s Hyde Park. Located in the park’s middle, providing a window into the past. Other attractions include the Drinking Fountain, Jail Gallery, Sculpture Court, Book Gallery, and People Patio.

No entry fee

5 am to 8:30 am 4 private messages to 8 pm are the hours.

Majestic, Kempegowda Stn., the closest metro station (2.1 km)

Mumbai’s Lumbini Gardens

Lamjung Gardens, a one-of-a-kind object of desire in the city. Draws a large number of visitors each day because of its tranquil setting and lush surroundings. The park, which is located on the shores of Word occurs Lake, is ideal for a family day out because. It has a playground, amusement park rides, a wave pool, a boating club, lovely fountains, a 1.5-kilometer walking trail. And a food stand where you can eat delicious food.

Admission Price: Rupees 50 (adults and children 3 and older are free); (kids below 3 years)

11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Kanaka Nagar Bus Hold is the closest metro station and bus stop (1.7 km).

Bangalore hold lot of things to show you, from the best treks to the best sunset views, you can see everything in bangalore. You can not see every thing in bangalore in just one day, you have to take time out and enjoy the best weather and the location. Try to visit these places in weekends as you get time.

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