Top Advantages of Node.js for Startups

The popularity of Node.js, the JavaScript runtime climate, has been steadily growing since its first release in 2009, and it appears to be that this trend is digging in for the long haul.

For quite a long time, many deep rooted brands, such as PayPal or Hurray, have favored Node.js for the massive measure of advantages it offers.

In any case, here’s the inquiry: Might young companies at any point leverage the advantages of Node.js too? The short answer is “yes,” however you will have the option to learn more about the benefits of Node.js for startups in our blog.

So we should investigate the reasons that brought Node.js to the attention of the startup community and made it one of the most popular technologies of late times.

The right choice

Choosing the right programming platform for the following startup can have an essential effect on the new product’s prosperity, alongside availability of the working capital, proper marketing methodology, and the growth plan.

In reality, the right technology stack ought to be the first big decision, in light of numerous factors like scalability, learning curve, speed of development, community, and many others.

JavaScript is sensibly accepted as the world’s most popular programming language. This is English among other programming languages. Furthermore, additionally, JavaScript will never totally go away.

Why Node.js?

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment, dependent on V8, high-performance open-source JavaScript motor. Importantly, to ensure outstanding performance, Node.js applies an occasion driven, non-hindering I/O paradigm. In the past years, it gained a ton of popularity in different Node.js development circles.

Node.js really sparkles in building fast, versatile network applications, offers benefits in performance, faster development, and other advantages. Today’s requirements for handling and consuming ongoing data are paramount, and Node.js is exceptionally fast for multi-client constant data situations. No surprise, that a ton of startups lean toward it.

Why is Node.js Good for Startups?

So what are the real advantages for you as a startup while using Node.js?

Easy to learn

Node.js has no precarious learning curve. Coding in Node.js is relatively simple to get a handle on, once you have dominated JavaScript and Item Situated Programming basics. It’s enough to begin.

The hardest things are to have the client-server model clear to you and catching up with the Node’s asynchronous stream.

There are a lot of interactive courses, tutorials and examples on GitHub, which can make your learning a really pleasant encounter.

Keeping things simple

Before the product launch, startupers wear many caps and face many difficulties. No surprise, they need to keep their lives really simple. Thus, as they step into Node.js, they really enjoy simply sharing one language both on the server and client sides, and no necessity to switch between back-end and front-end.

This means that applications written in Node.js require less files and less code compared to those with different languages for front-end and back-end. You can likewise reuse and share the code between the front-end and back-end portions of your application, which accelerate the development cycle. One code, one deployment, everything in one spot.

These considerable benefits are especially important at the initial stage of your startup product development, as you can have a team of full-stack developers for the two sides, and cut costs on man/hour.

Faster time-to-market

Time is priceless for startupers. First months they have to work relentlessly to iterate fast, test, deploy and convey as quickly as could be expected, while having simultaneously shoelace budgets and lean teams. Node.js is especially helpful in making an opportunity-to-market cycle shorter.

Firstly, the technology is lightweight and can massively diminish the application development time while achieving a similar functionality. With Node, you can get from thought to product in a snap. Furthermore, dead simple deployments help you get prompt feedback from the production climate.


Scalability is heated into the core of Node.js. It is one of Node’s fundamental benefits for startups who are planning to grow with the course of time. Application based startups pick it to develop lightweight and fast systems with good constant response that can be scaled up later, as well as to easily add more modules to the existing ones. You never know how high you will go.

Node’s scalability is achieved by the load adjusting and the capability to deal with an immense number of simultaneous connections. Besides, Node’s applications support both vertical and flat scaling.

Node.js is appropriate for microservices architecture, which is really helpful for the activities that will scale and grow from here on out. Likewise, it is feasible to make a different microservice for any functionality, and afterward scale it separately from any remaining parts. Importantly, you can hire node js developers in India at best rates inordetr to scale your applications to the next level. 

Battle-tested old hand

Assuming you are concerned with the general novelty of Node.js, you can definitely relax. In the past couple of years the number of companies using Node.js for their products has expanded dramatically, and the giants like PayPal, Netflix and eBay have joined the publicity.

Without a doubt, Node.js is a mature and very much powerful technology. 

MVP development

Short budgets and severe timeframes mean that it’s worth quickly approving the marketability of the product’s thought with the least efforts, investments and assets, and ensuring the product is generally welcomed before paying out more money on development. Importantly, you have better prepare before you take action.

Node.js empowers to quickly develop a MVP (least suitable product) – a piece of software with barely enough features (or a solitary executioner highlight) so the product can go to the market and fulfill the first customers. MVP is a rudimentary stage en route to an undeniable application.


A functioning community means a great deal of support and feedback. Once more, the thriving Node.js community can help you try not to reevaluate a bicycle – they have produced various tools and respectable instruments that speed up the development speed.

NPM (a node package chief), Node’s package ecosystem, is the biggest and the fastest growing software vault on the planet. It provides numerous libraries and reusable templates you can integrate into your code to have more worth with less efforts and time. What’s more, there is a module for pretty much anything you can imagine in the NPM ecosystem.

Besides, in the vast community, you can take guidance from a web development company in Bangalore in order to build highly scalable nodejs applications for your business. 

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