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This Winter Dress Up With Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy has become a staple of cool-weather wardrobes because it is cozy and highly durable. Whether you’re wanting to purchase wholesale fabrics, do some DIY, or shop at thrift stores, here is all you need to know about this cotton (or cotton-blend) fabric- corduroy. Today, you will get to know about fabric, its background and how to dress this amazing fabric.

What is Corduroy

A twill weave fabric, often known as corduroy or corderoy, is one in which the threads are woven together in diagonal lines with substantial vertical ribs. Corduroy has the unusual capacity to seem both dressed up and comfy at the same time. It is thick, resilient, stiff, and cuddly. Cotton or a cotton mix is most often used to create a comfortable fabric. Corduroy, sometimes referred to as corded velveteen, is most famously used to create long trousers. On the other hand, every department store or online merchant will have cotton corduroy coats, blouses, skirts, and suits.

Narrow-wale corduroy, also known as needlecord, pin cord, or pinwale, is fine and often used for shirting. Manufacturers produce corduroy fabric in different variants of thickness, termed “wale” and measured in the number of wales per inch. Wide-wale corduroy, on the other hand, is more often used for upholstery and trousers.

Production of Corduroy 

Most typically, cotton or a cotton combination like cotton and wool is used to make corduroy. Manufacturers use a machine to weave several separate threading, the vertical warp threads, and the horizontal weft strands into a bigger whole to create corduroy (or any woven fabric). Corduroy is really a twill weave material (comparable to denim or herringbone), that also indicates that the strands run along diagonal stripes in a ribbed arrangement. This weave pattern even defines the fabric’s structure and durability.

Background And History

Early French monarchy is sometimes linked to corduroy, whose French name, corde du roi, translates to “the king’s cord,” “the cord of the king,” or “the fabric of the king.” However, the popular wool fabric “duroy,” which was produced from fustian fabric, was given the name corduroy by factory employees in eighteenth-century England. Around time, corduroy expanded across working-class neighborhoods all over the globe, particularly in France and the United States.

In the 20th century, corduroy had a meteoric rise in fashion fabric appeal in the 1970s and quickly established itself as a wardrobe mainstay. Since corduroy is a very resilient fabric that is often found in antique stores, the cozy material has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years, particularly with the growth of thrifting.

How to Dress 

Are you prepared to try out corduroy in your wardrobe and embrace it? Check out the following fashion suggestions if you have brown corduroy trousers, a black corduroy skirt, or a multi colored corduroy vest:

Corduroy Pants With Cozy Outfits 

Combine them with a sweater and boots for just a fall-weather routine, or pair them with a button-up and formal shoes like loafers for a comfortable work casual appearance. Corduroy pants are highly flexible. Try a graphic shirt, denim jacket, and shoes for a year-round outfit to tone down your corduroy trousers. Any color of corduroy looks fantastic with chambray or plaid.

Corduroy Skirt for Summer Attire 

Unlike their pant cousins, corduroy skirts look better in the summer and may be just as adaptable as corduroy trousers. Try wearing a T-shirt and flats with a corduroy skirt to make it lively and summery. For a stylish, edgy look for winter, add tights and swap out the shoes for ankle boots.

Corduroy Blazer With Casual Outfit

Corduroy lends an eye-catching texture to any ensemble, making it an excellent outerwear layer. A slim-fit jacket is best if you’re striving for current fashion; the cut of the blazer is crucial. However, try wearing a T-shirt and jeans for a more relaxed approach, or tuck a sweatshirt inside your jacket.

Corduroy Suit With Desi Outfit

A corduroy suit is an eye-catching and trendy menswear option if you’re looking to create an impression. Furthermore, put on some formal shoes and a button-down shirt, or go casual with some sneakers and a t-shirt.


Corduroy is a strong and durable fabric that can be produced from various types of fabrics. Its features and qualities made it worth the winter season. If you are planning to buy wholesale fabrics then fabriclore is the right platform for you. You can add value to your apparel design project with our fabrics such as cotton, silk, denim, rayon, viscose, corduroy, and many more. 

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