School cleaning: what it comprises and who to contact

A school is a place full of students, teachers, and parents, constantly attending and where many activities take place. Daily cleaning operations are essential to ensure the safety and health of the environment. As well as to maintain a good image of the institute.

Perhaps you have never thought about the fact that behind a clean and sanitized school. There is so much commitment and effort. The activities to be carried out with great attention are different and nothing can be overlooked. Not even the less frequented spaces. In this article, we explain what cleaning a school actually consists of and who to turn to for impeccable service.

The school floor

In cleaning the floors of a school, there are two different methods, often used in combination with each other. The first is the mechanical one. Which involves the use of the traditional rag, but also involves a lot of effort and unfortunately back pain! Today, however, thanks to the evolution of cleaning. It is possible to restore schools to their original best condition with less effort and in a short time.

There are several machines designed to get a perfectly clean floor. To remove dirt in depth, even in the most difficult-to-reach corners. These machines can treat many coatings, such as stoneware, ceramic, wood, and even vinyl floors. Such as those in gyms, canteens, lecture halls, or laboratories.

The benches and chairs

Students use desks and chairs for several hours a day, the surfaces of which require thorough and thorough hygiene. Very often the stalls also have traces of colors, glue, and chalk. We expose them to continuous contact with other objects such as books, backpacks, and even food.

Cleaning desks and chairs mean not only ensuring the elimination of bacteria and viruses. But also avoiding using unsuitable products that could ruin the finishes. An ecological professional detergent and the use of soft cloth are the first allies for a good result.

In case of stubborn dirt, such as when you find traces of chewing gum. It may be useful to use a plastic scraper, but you must be very careful to avoid scratching the surfaces. Do not overlook the cleaning of the legs of desks and chairs They are usually made of metal and require the use of a special detergent.

Blackboards, hangers, handles, window sills, and glass

The school furniture includes at least one blackboard and several hangers for each classroom. They are used several times a day by students and teachers. The traditional blackboard, the black one, must first be treated with the felt eraser. Then with safe, non-aggressive, or acid-based products, therefore specifically suitable for slate. A magnetic whiteboard requires the eraser to remove ink residues and special detergents. Capable of eliminating fingerprints, grease, and marker marks. Cleaning, in both cases, must be carried out without the use of metal or sharp objects.

The hangers, whether are made of wood, metal, or plastic. They need to be dusted and then treated with suitable detergents and thoroughly sanitized to remove the bacterial load. The same applies to the handles, among the first bacteria receptors. Which when made of brass or chrome must be polished to a mirror, degreased with natural materials, and do not contain solvents or substances that favor oxidation. Wire brushes, scouring pads, or abrasive paper are not good for cleaning the handles, which instead must be treated with sponges and soft cloths.

We must clean regularly window sills and windows because they accumulate dirt and halos, especially because of smog and atmospheric agents. These parts of the classroom, when bright, also improve the aesthetics, making the environment brighter and more welcoming.

The toilets

The bathroom area requires great care, as it is an environment in which germs and bacteria proliferate with great ease. Protecting people who come into contact with these areas is the highest priority and, therefore, we must not fall into the error of relying on ineffective remedies or inadequate products.

Remember that hot water, even if it can soften the encrustations, alone is not enough to guarantee a deep cleaning. Sanitation very often implies washing with professional pressure washers, in combination with particular active solutions to be sprayed not only on the services but also on the tiles and walls.

Other classrooms and outdoor areas

A school is not only made up of study rooms but also has other areas that require constant maintenance and cleaning. Think, for example, of the gym or canteen. Also not to be neglected is the external area, which is exposed to the elements and, therefore, subject to getting dirty easily due to dust, mud, and debris.

Many school courtyards often have thick vegetation and must be thoroughly cleaned of leaves and branches. This is also a necessary intervention to ensure comfort and safety. There will come a time when the flooring can also show traces of stubborn grease and mold. In these cases, a specific intervention is required, without forgetting that the detergents to be used must be compatible with the surrounding vegetation.

A seemingly simple rule is also to clear the back of the school of waste because the courtyard is not a deposit for waste materials. We crossed it every day and constantly, so it must be livable and always orderly.

School cleaning: who to contact?

Considering what has been described, you can well imagine that school cleaning is not as simple as you imagine. In order for all environments to be well-sanitized and safe, it is essential to have some experience behind you and to use the right products and innovative equipment. Otherwise, you would risk not cleaning thoroughly, also endangering the health of pupils, teachers, and all those who work or enter school. We also consider that incorrect cleaning could irreparably damage the furniture, finishes, and floors of the institute.

We are sure that now you know well how important the correct cleaning of a school is, for which a few clothes or the use of generic germicides are not enough. A state-of-the-art result is obtained using specific methods, techniques, and solutions for each individual area and surface to be treated. The support of a company specializing in cleaning schools is essential.

At SCS Group Integrated Services, a school cleaning company based in Melbourne, but also active throughout the city of Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane, we offer a school cleaning service, making available all our experience and professionalism, in order to guarantee flawless results.

Our staff knows how to successfully complete the cleaning of any school, in the shortest possible time and at competitive prices. Discover all SCS Group Integrated Services by visiting our website.

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