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Rupin Pass Trek | Explore the Indian Himalayas

The climbing gradual pathways through luxuriant Oak and Conifer Forest and ancient traditional Hindu mountain towns to the alpine meadows where mountain peaks leap over Rupin Pass to emphasise the beautiful green beauty all around the valleys are all part of this wonderful trekking. The walk will also take travellers around the three valleys of Rupin, Baspa, and Pin in search of meadow campsites, each with its own unique feature. Here are some points about Rupin Pass Trek –

Point 1

Each region’s small villages provide an opportunity to see and appreciate various cultures, religions, and practises. With Sangla Valley as one of the most fascinating and least seen sections of the Himalaya, the austere Himalayan environment of the Spiti region is fairly demanding, bringing magnificent concepts of Himalayan beauty.

Point 2

Rupin Pass is a high-altitude hike that offers a spectacular backdrop of dense woods, verdant landscapes, and other natural wonders in plenty. This thrilling journey begins in Dhaula, Uttarakhand, and ends in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh. To enter Himachal, you will cross the state boundary near Kinnaur.

As you approach Rupin Pass, the greener landscapes begin to change into snow patches, followed by enormous snow fields, creating a beautiful experience. With each step you take, the walk will grow more arduous and challenging. Maintain a constant level of hydration.

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Point 3

You will be ecstatic to be able to immerse yourself in the culture of two distinct states at the same time, interacting with the people and learning about them. This type of unadulterated encounter provides you with numerous opportunities to develop as a traveller. Bridges, waterfalls, streams, habitations, forests, religious places, and towering peaks are just a few of the sights to view and adore in this area.

Point 4

You will pass via Pokhu Devta temple on your way to the Rupin Pass, which is a well-known shrine in the area and is revered by the locals. This hike is moderate to difficult, so you’ll need to be physically fit and well-prepared to complete it. The excursion includes a slick route, deep snow, and a high ascent. You will, however, be rewarded with a breathtaking perspective of the massive Himalayas and the splendour of nature.

Point 5

With our fast-paced lives, taking a few days off to heal and find better ways to spend a few days vacationing around is difficult. The Rupin Pass climb is the way to go if you’re in the similar scenario and want to go somewhere quiet where you can relax while admiring nature.

Yes, most of you are probably aware of it, but you may not have chosen to participate. Now is the ideal time to take the Rupin Pass trek and check it off your bucket list. If you want to bring out the adventure fanatic in you, this is a fantastic holiday experience to consider. We’ve covered everything in this detailed guide, so you don’t have to be concerned about the planning process.


The Rupin Pass trek is a high-altitude walk that begins in Dhaula, Uttarakhand and ends in Sangla. The entire excursion takes place in Himachal Pradesh and includes some of the state’s most beautiful sights and locations.

This high-altitude climb, which starts at 15,250 feet, is considered one of India’s highest range trekking treks. Aside from the many twists and turns and natural beauty of the area, the sudden variation of the routes draws a huge number of nature enthusiasts.

Because of the area’s natural beauty, it’s a fantastic journey for almost any type of adventure seeker. Before gradually moving to colder places, the trail goes through warmer sections. Because the trek is not for the faint of heart and is not for the faint of heart, you must guarantee that you have everything planned out ahead of time.

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What Is Special?

Many people think the walk is identical to any other hike, however this is not the case. If you take a look around the entire area that you pass through on the journey track, you will see that this walk takes you not only through the cold and harsh snow, but also through all of the natural beauty that you would otherwise miss.

You’ll likely come across a variety of surprises along the way; waterfalls and villages are two of the most important things to look into. One of the most beautiful waterfall views in the area.

Furthermore, the Jhaka village, also known as the Hanging village, is one of the most beautiful places to visit that you could otherwise miss.

Aside from that, you’ll be able to marvel at the lush vegetation and the countless snow bridges dotting the area. The Kinnaur temple, as well as the breathtaking vistas of Kinner Kailash, add to the total experience. You must connect with the locals if you want to have an unforgettable experience.

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