Reasons to Learn Java Programming in 2022

Java is among the best programming languages ever created and I’m not saying this simply because I am a committed Java developer however Java has proven this in the past 20 years. Twenty years is a long period to any Programming language and Java has grown stronger with each day. While there are occasions that Java development slows, Java has responded well. The first time was with revolutionary innovations in the form Enum Generics, Enum the Autoboxing feature in Java 5, performance improvement by using Java 6 functional programming using lambda expressions that are in Java 8 and Google’s choice of language to use for Android applications development. Java as the primary programming language.

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1. Java is easy to master.

It is not common to learn that this is one of the main motives to study Java. Even considering it to be being the best programing language however it’s. If you’re on a steep process of learning, it will be difficult to be productive in a short period of time. This is often the case with professional projects.

Java is a an eloquent English syntax that is similar to English, but with minimal magic characters, such as Generic angle brackets. This makes it simple to comprehend Java programs and to learn it quickly.

Once a programmer has become familiar with the first challenges of installing JDK and creating PATH. And knows how Classpath operates, it’s quite simple to write programs in Java.

2. Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language

Another reason for making Java popular , is because the language is Object Orient Programming language. Making the OOP application is significantly easier and assists in keeping the system flexible, modular and extensible.

If you are familiar with essential OOP concepts such as Abstraction the Encapsulation principle, Polymorphism inheritance, Polymorphism and Abstraction You can apply all of these using Java. It provides a wide range of best techniques and design patterns within its library.

Java is among the few languages that are close to 100 percent OOP programming languages that is close to 100% OOP. It is also a proponent of the usage of SOLID and object-oriented design principles, as open-source projects such as Spring that ensure your object’s dependency is managed efficiently applying The Dependency Principle of Injection.

3. Java has Rich API

Another reason for another reason behind the Java programming language’s enormous popularity is its Rich API. And, most importantly, it’s easily visible since it’s part of the Java installation.

When I first began Java programming I was able to write Applets at the time, and Applets offer a great animation feature that amazes novice programmer like us who have a background of programming within the Turbo C++ editor.

Java provides APIs that can use for I/O, networking utilities, XML parsing, database connection, and nearly everything else. Everything else is cover by open source libraries such as Apache Commons, Google Guava, Jackson, Gson, Apache POI, and others.

4. Powerful development tools like Eclipse, Netbeans

It’s true that Eclipse as well as Netbeans have played an important contribution to creating Java an among the best programming languages. Coding in an IDE is an enjoyable experience especially if you’ve written using DOS Editor or Notepad.

They don’t just assist in code completion , but can also offer a powerful debugging capabilities, which are crucial for the development process in real-world. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) helped make Java development more pleasant quick, efficient, and fluid. It is easy to search, refactor and even read code in IDEs.

In addition to IDE and IDE, the Java platform comes with additional tools, including Maven and ANT to build Java apps, Jenkins for Continuous Integration and delivery, decompilers JConsole Visual VM for monitoring Heap use, etc.

5. A great selection of Open Source libraries

Open-source libraries guarantee that Java is a universal language that use in all. Apache, Google, and other organizations have contributed many excellent libraries that make Java development simple, speedier and affordable.

6. Wonderful Community Support

A vibrant and active community is the most significant advantage that is the strength of the Java programming platform and language. No matter how great a language may be however, it will not be successful in the absence of a community that can help, support and share their expertise.

Java has had a lot of luck with its many actively-running forums StackOverflow Open-Source organizations as well as a number of Java user groups that can help with everyone.

There’s a community of Java programmers to help novices, advanced as well as expert Java programmers. Java is actually a way of sharing and giving back to the community. Many programmers utilize open source software, are involve as testers, committers, etc.

7. Java is Platform Independent

In the 90s in the 1990s, this was the primary factor behind Java’s success. The concept of platform independence is wonderful as is Java’s slogan write once run anywhere. and the acronym “WORA” were enticing enough to draw lots of developers to develop new features in Java.

It is one of the main reasons that explains Java as the best programming language. Most Java applications are create within Windows. Windows environment and are run using Linux. Linux platform.

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