Master in Computer Science from Europe: Eligibility, Fee, Universities & More

Europe is one of the biggest and most stable economies in the world. Higher education in this region, especially in computer science, is a fortunate thing to have. Filled with many excellent countries, you can choose from the top options for a Master in Computer Science. Europe is the most wired continent that has the most diverse and biggest computer science industry. After you graduate with your master’s, you get to work in the best places and organizations. Not to mention that having so many options relieves you from budget management.

Why Computer Science From Europe

The first and foremost reason you should go for a computer science master’s in Europe is the options you get. Countries like the UK, Germany, and Ireland are the most influential and technical countries worldwide. The impact of computer science in industries there is significant. You get to graduate from world-class universities located in each major educational country in Europe. The entire continent is known for its excellence in academics. Compared to any other continent, you will not find such better options than in Europe itself.

Home to countries like the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, Europe facilitates you to go through the best possible locations for your computer science degree. While browsing governments and universities, you can highly manage your expenses and style of education. For example, the UK generally offers a one-year master’s. It starts directly from your specialization and lets you create your career early. On the other hand, Germany is home to several engineering sectors majorly, including mechanical and electrical engineering. Paired with computer science, the country often outranks top countries for the same.

While measuring computer scientists’ average income in a continent is somewhat impossible, it generally lies around $60,000 (about 47 lakhs) yearly. Remember that this is the average estimated income that also consists of average countries’ records. If you are targeting a master’s in Computer Science, it must be one of the top countries. Therefore, assume the annual pay in computer science in Europe is greater than this.

Master in Computer Science: Eligibility & Fee

As good as it is, European universities still require a few things from their students to prepare. To know the qualifications and records, there are some set requirements that you have to meet if you wish to apply for a master’s in computer science from Europe. The criteria are not any different for different countries present in Europe. You have to arrange the everyday things.

Eligibility criteria for master’s in computer science from the USA:

  • a bachelor’s degree (3 years or equivalent)
  • GMAT/GRE standardized test scores
  • TOEFL/PTE test scores
  • a non-refundable application fee

These are the non-flexible items you have to keep in mind. All abroad ask for these things whether in Europe or another region. So you have to maintain all these things, and then you can start your application process. Moreover, to get the best results like a master’s in computer science salary and excellent career opportunities, you have to consider investments worth 20-35 lakhs yearly. Since many European countries have different fee structures, it’s hard to pinpoint a number.

Master in Computer Science: Top Universities

With many jobs and career options, Europe offers a master’s in computer science and many places to do the degree. As such, it automatically gets you a ton of universities to browse. It would be an easier task if it were one or two countries. Since Europe has way more options for the best computer science universities, one must know the best options available to make the right decision.

Top universities worldwide to target for Master in Computer Science:

1University of OxfordUK
2University of CambridgeUK
3ETH ZurichSwitzerland
5Imperial College LondonUK
7The University of EdinburghUK
8Technical University of MunichGermany
9Institut Polytechniquede ParisFrance
10University of AmsterdamNetherland


With different places, universities, and careers, Europe also packs different lifestyles. Pursuing a computer science master’s degree from a European university gives you everything you want. You get to study at the best universities in a highly competitive environment that builds your expertise and, finally, a place where you can reach significant career developments and earn significantly. Start your preparation by selecting your favorite European university for a Master in Computer Science.

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