Lighting Ideas For The Most Modern Houses

Today we know that lighting is one of the most important aspects of the home; in fact, it has been proven that a well-lit environment can positively influence our mood and our productivity. 

Today, there are many striking and elegant ways to light your home in a personalized and unique way. Here we will show you some lighting ideas for modern houses:

Modern lighting ideas to decorate your home

Before introducing changes in the lighting of the home,

it is necessary that we first analyze the available spaces, together with the real estate and the decoration that we want to use. 

This will allow you to select custom lighting that combines harmoniously with the environment and with the objects that reside there. 

The objective is that you conceive in your mind how you want each room to look so that in this way you select the option that best suits your tastes and needs. Knowing this, here are some lighting ideas For More Information.

A classic that does not fail: lamps on the ceiling 

If this is your case, you can place a colorful lamp that fits with your favorite decorative style: choose a lamp with elegant and curvy lines if you prefer a vintage or chic approach; instead, select a simple copy with straight lines if you prefer a more industrial or minimalist touch.

In this way, the room will look much more spacious, which would not happen if you placed a large central lamp.

Put LED strips on the stairs

If your home has interior stairs, it is best to illuminate them with small LED strips. 

This is a very popular trend in current decorations, as it is a way to add shine and elegance to a frequently traveled area. 

In addition, it has the advantage that by lighting them at night, people can see the steps better and thus avoid tripping or accidents. 

It is worth noting that LED lights have many advantages: first of all, with them,

you can save up to 60% energy (compared to neon lights) and you can get them in different colors and styles; the ideal is that you select the one that best suits your home and your needs.

Use lane lights 

Sometimes our home has dark spaces since natural light does not reach those areas (and at night it can even become a nuisance). 

To solve this problem you can place rail lights, which will illuminate the dark areas offsetting them with the rest of the room. 

An interesting fact is that these spotlights can also be used to illuminate your favorite wall decorations; They can be used, for example, to highlight the colors of a painting or to make a set of photo frames look more striking. 

Unleash your creativity: play with light and color

However, modern lighting allows you to introduce more daring shades without neglecting elegance and harmony. 

Do not be afraid to introduce new colors in the lighting of your home, but keep in mind that it must match your furniture and the color of the walls.

Take advantage of false ceilings

If you have false ceilings you should not miss the opportunity to illuminate them. 

Ideas to illuminate every room in the home

Bring your kitchen to life

The kitchen is probably the busiest area of ​​the home, as we spend many hours there preparing delicious meals, chatting with the family, or having a glass of wine. 

To illuminate your kitchen, we recommend using modern lamps designed with brass or copper elements, since these materials combine with the colors of the appliances. 

If this lighting is not enough, you can place LED lights on the edges of the ceiling.

Use dim lights in the bedroom

Our bedroom should be a place of rest, so the lighting in this area should invite tranquility and rest.

Corridor lighting

It is common that we do not pay much attention to the decoration of the corridors, however, this area is just as important as all the others because it is responsible for communicating with the rest of the rooms. 

A very popular trend is to place small LED lights along the walls at the bottom of the hallway. This will give a sophisticated and modern touch to your home.

Study area or library

Study areas (for reading or work) should be places that encourage concentration and productivity. That is why you have to use strong lights that directly illuminate the desk or reading area. 

Also, keep in mind that the light can never shine from behind the table, as this will cause shadows to form and the person will have trouble seeing clearly.

Entrance or hall

The hall is the ideal place to place rail spotlights

You can place them at the top of the door or on a plant or special decoration; this way your entrance will look elegant and sophisticated.

As you can see, there are many ways to light a modern house. 

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