Leh ladakh bike trip: Things to do


A trip by motorcycle to Leh Ladakh would be every biker’s end objective. Ladakh is like an imagination that one then can’t get through, from the amazing cityscapes spread across elevated mountainous terrain to the stunning alpine lakes in hues of green and turquoise. You understand there won’t be any law to stop until you embark on that Leh Leh road trip once your heart desires it.

Even though it’s true that words can’t adequately describe Leh Leh tourism, here seem to be 10 suggestions to help you plan a great visit to this paradise of the world. For an iconic trip of a lifetime, continue reading to learn about our top picks for the best Ladakh bike trip package (that’s with Moustache Escapes, BTW).

Pangong Tso is a great location for a 3 Idiots-style photo.

Take a photo in the style of “3 Idiots” at Pangong Tso

How lengthy has it been at the top of your “bucket list” out of all. The Ladakh tourist attractions to visit this famous location from Hollywood films? Seeing as Rancho and his mates were reunited by the lake inside the 2009 Amir Khan film 3 Idiots? Now is the time to reserve the Ladakh Leh bundle and realise your Indian film ambitions!

Additionally, Pangong Tso is home to the ‘s tallest seawater pond. Except for the few birds and gannets you see on the surface, there isn’t any aquatic life. To experience Langtang Lake to the fullest, look for Leh Ladakh.

Be astounded by Gravitational Hill.

You would be welcomed to the “Gravitational Hills” by a large sign.

If you end up leaving your bike in neutral right now, you’ll gradually start to climb a hill. Because no one is really sure the exact cause, it’s kind of eerie, if we must say! Mythological tales claim there is a stairway into heaven, while some claim it is an optical illusion. Strong magnetic theory, or comparable to gravitational attraction hills found in other areas of the world.

On this bicycle tour, cross Set mutually, the motorable pass.

As you pass through the South Pullu control point, the streets begin to become more dangerous and arid.

By the way, the cost of renting a bike in Leh starts at around INR 1800 for a Royal Enfield. But if you’re fine with riding an automatic bike or scooter, your daily rental fee would be closer to INR 1000.

Palace in Leh

The Royal Lahaul Palace is among the top destinations in Leh Ladakh. It was constructed in the 17th century and has stood the test of time with its nine stories. It is a great example of mediaeval Tibetan architectural style, having been built with the. Lhasa Potala Palace as its primary source of inspiration. If you enjoy history, go to the museum to learn more about Ladakh’s cultural heritage.

You are, after all, in the Land of Provides An extra, and no trip to Leh Ladakh. Would be comprehensive without stopping at Khardungla, the greatest motorable pass in the world (18,380 ft.). On the way to Spiti Valley, it drops.

heritage. Furthermore, you still get sweeping views of the Stok Suggests that perceived hills and the Leh village below.


You must visit Shanti Temple complex if you’re biking from Delhi to Leh. Sri Stupa offers a sense of tranquilly that will stay in your memory. For decades to come, far from the busy city streets. The stupa also houses Buddhist relics that 14th Dalai Lama had entrenched. The 360-degree panoramic view of Leh town from Shanti Stupa. However, is what distinguishes it from other religious sites and makes it a must-see in all Leh Himachal bike trip bundles from Delhi.


After passing through Jammu and kashmir on one’s bike trip from Delhi to Leh, spend the night in Kargil. We are all aware of the atrocities that occurred here for almost 20 years. Already when operation Vijay put a stop to them. On your Leh Ladakh bike trip, take a second to honour our legends at the Kargil war memorial. The identities of the martyrs are inscribed in pink sandstone along the path. Leading to the altar there at the monument, and seeing them immediately embarrasses you. On such a Leh Leh tour, are there camel safaris in the centre of the mountain ranges? It is precisely what it is, then. On your Ladakh bicycle tour, you would pass by the chilly Developing ones dunes at a height of 10,000 feet.

Visit Hunder and ride the double-humped camels.

The large expanses of undulating dunes and scorching heat. Probably come to mind right away when you think of camel safaris. So why are we discussing this?

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