Kodachadri Trek : a place where beauty and history blends together


Since the beginning of time, people have admired the grandeur of the Kodachadri Trek in the midst of Mookambika National Park. The hill is also known as “Jasmine of the Hills” and gets its name from a blossoming shrub. A picturesque peak surrounded by a lot of forest. It is Karnataka’s 10th tallest peak, rising 1,343 metres above sea level. High top in the Shivamogga District of Karnataka’s Western Ghats that is covered in thick woods. Shimoga is 78 kilometres away. The government of Karnataka has designated it as a natural heritage monument. The phrase Kodachadri was created by combining the native words “Kodacha” or “Kodashi,” which refer to Kutaja flowers, with “Adri,” a Sanskrit word for mountain. 

History :

Just 20 kilometres outside of Nagara-Nilsakal are these enormous structures. A temple honouring the Old Mother Goddess.

 People used to trek to the summit historically from the neighbouring state of Nagara, and in the 19th century, Europeans made the ascent. The view from the summit of the hill, which appears to be a bluff from a distance but is actually razor-sharp, is particularly nice and commands a significant portion of Canara (Kanara), a long length of the huge Ghat range, and a panoramic vista over Malnad. He also notes that Kodachadri is visible from Sringeri’s Merti Peak.


Locals and Keralites alike frequent Kodachadri in big numbers. According to legend, Sage Adi Shankara travelled to this location, meditated there, and built a temple at Kollur. At the summit of Kodachadri lies a modest shrine named Sarvajnapeetha made of stone and dedicated to Adi Shankara. Some of the South Indian pilgrims who travel to Kollur also hike to Kodachadri. 

A writer from the Udupi District named Dr. K. Shivarama Karantha hiked to Kodachadri in the 1940s and praised. The area’s natural surroundings by describing Kodachadri as the most. Beautiful of three mountain peaks in coastal Karnataka (the other two being Kuduremukh and Kumara Parvata).

Flora and Fauna and places for visit :

The Malabar Giant Squirrel, the Malabar Langur, the Emerald Pigeon, the Bison, the. Tiger, the King Cobra, and the Python all have their natural. Habitats in this area, which is close to the Mookambika National Park. 

Kollur, which is close to Kodachadri, is a good location from which to access the hill. Kollur is accessible via Shimoga or Bangalore. Trekkers can reach Nagodi hamlet, which is at the base of the summit, from Kollur. To get to Nittur by a different route, spend the night there. From Kodachadri gate in Nittur, the hike is a 12-km route. The Kodachadri climb may be the most difficult of the. Well-known treks in Karnataka, but the view from the mountain justifies the effort. A lush jungle canopy reaches in every direction. And from the summit, on a clear day, one can see the Arabian Sea’s blue waters. From the peak, you can see the sunrise and the sunset. The traveller on a tight budget might set up camp at. Kodachadri a little ways from the top and spend the night there. 

Lingamanakki reservoir

The Lingamanakki reservoir and the Arishinagundi falls are also on the itinerary. The further 10 km away Hidlumane Waterfalls are reachable on foot.

At a distance of 25 km from Kodachadri.


As mentioned previously, Kodachadri is 12 km from Kollur, a well-known temple town. In reality, the village of Kodachadri has a shrine dedicated.

The best time to visit the hill station of Kodachadri is during month of October to May.

Kodachadri trek is one of the best trek you can do in Bangalore India, as this is the perfect spot for every travller. Who loves nature, as they can see nature at its best, with the best view, and a place to do nature photography. You can trek this place with friends and family, and you can camp their and see both sunset and sunrise, both view will take your breath away. This place has water sites where you can take a cold bath. This trek hold lot of adventure for you as this trek is in Bangalore you can go this for weekend rush, This is also healthy for your body as you ascape from the city life and enjoy nature at its best

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