How To Order Pure Jain Food in Train On WhatsApp In Any Train?

With its roots in prehistoric ages, Jain Dharma is one of the oldest religious systems on the Indian subcontinent. There was a time when it predominated the majority of India and had support from some of the most notable monarchs of ancient India, despite the fact that it is currently only practiced by a small minority in India and overseas. The first well-known emperor of India, Chandragupta Maurya, converted to Jainism toward the conclusion of his reign and passed away by fasting in accordance with the proper customs of a Jain monk.

Jains consume a lot of fruits and vegetables that grow on trees, fall to the ground to be picked up, and don’t harm the tree in the process. Keeping the Jain people in mind for their convenience. The railway has Jain Food in Train option as well. Which is totally made according to their preference. Has no onion, garlic, or any other thing that Jain people don’t eat.

 What Differs About Jain Food?

 To protect the health of microorganisms, the Jain cuisine, entirely vegan and forbids the intake of foods grown underground, such as brinjal, onion, garlic, etc. Jain cuisine is largely Satwik. It involves more than just preparations without onions and garlic. A sravaka (householder), according to Jain literature, abstains from eating meat, wine, honey, and the five udumbara fruits (Gular, Peepal, Anjeer, Banyan, and Pakar). Root vegetables prefered to be steam-cooked help the ground better store water or energy. Such organs of storage enable nearby survival of living things.

 That is why jain people don’t eat outside.  But for them now indian railway has online jain food on train service. That they can avail themselves on the train with zoop. The restaurants under zoop take special precautions while preparing food for jain. They also have a wide range of options for Jain people. So that they can also enjoy their journey along with their favorite food.

 How To Order Jain Food With Zoop App Or Website:

 You only need to stick to these easy guidelines to order Jain food in trains:

Special Jain food, be booked using Zoop in trains at all of India’s main railway stations. Visit Zoop Web or download the Zoop mobile app from the Google Play Store.

Your 10-digit PNR number to be entered in the search box given there.

Choose the restaurant and station where you want your Jain food delivered to the train.

From the menu select the jain food option. Then you will see a lot of jain food items. Select any one.

 For example you can pick a Jain thali or another dish from the menu by clicking on it.

 You can use the Cash on delivery option to make payments, or use any of the online payment options, such as net banking, UPI, wallets, credit cards, or debit cards.

Using Whatsapp, Order Jain Food In Trains:

In the Jain diet, all of the food is vegetarian and free of onion and garlic. Additionally, they refrain from consuming meals like potatoes, carrots, and other produce cultivated underground. They abhor violence and don’t want to harm the little creatures. They refrain from consuming meats like chicken, mutton, and fish as a result. The wine, honey, flesh, and butter are also unfit for ingestion because they contain animal products and meat. They travel with eating as their primary priority as a result. For the Jain community, there is also food available in the trains.

 Yes,  several eateries connected to the railroads from where Jain people can order  Jain food on trains. These eateries prepare Jain food while taking all necessary safety procedures. in order to provide Jain with a range of delectable culinary options to enjoy their journey. There are numerous options, including paneer tikka, moong soup, cabbage and paneer paratha, and other meals.

The steps you must take in order to purchase halal cuisine via WhatsApp:

In order to provide consumers with real-time status updates for any train or the ability to place online food orders while traveling, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.) has launched a WhatsApp number. By sending a WhatsApp message to the same contact along with the train number, the Indian Railways WhatsApp number would enable Jain passengers to order Jain food in train. The most recent Indian Railways WhatsApp number provided below: The WhatsApp number for Indian Railways 7042062070.

 The new WhatsApp feature is far speedier than alternative means for buying food online while traveling. Using WhatsApp, travelers can now enjoy their favorite foods.

The passenger must text the predetermined number.

In its place, you will then receive an answer.

After that, place a food order.

Choose the train station where you want your food delivered when the prompt appears.

The following step is to select a restaurant from the offered list.

The following step is to decide which Jian meal you favor.

They will then present you with a payment option after that.

Customers can send a WhatsApp message to 7042062070 to make food purchases, track their orders, lodge complaints, and get a real-time train status update. The server might occasionally be overloaded, in which case it might take some time to get the response. Users can also call the 139 number on the Indian Railways Helpline to request assistance or information regarding any train. You can contact me at this number.

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