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How To Increase Likes On Facebook Page

Have you also tried many strategies to increase likes on your Facebook page? Because anyone can create a page on Facebook, increasing the number of likes on it can be very difficult. 

In this blog, I will tell you the methods by which the chances of increasing the likes on your page will increase. Quite a lot, and if you want to adopt shortcuts, then you can take the help of FollowersIndia. But in this blog, we will focus on organic methods only.

Does the number of likes matter on a Facebook page?

If you have a business page on Facebook and do not have many likes on it, then it means that not many people know about your business online. Because the more people who like your page, the more people will know about your business. 

And more likes on a Facebook page show the audience that people trust that brand or business and that the page gives good products or services.

Optimize your profile properly

Whenever you create your page on Facebook, you have to keep in mind that you optimize your profile. Because with this, people will be able to know more about your page. If you want to increase your Facebook page followers, profile optimization is the first step. 

First of all, you have to put in a cover photo and a profile picture. because this will attract users. And these pictures should represent your business. Or you can also use your own brand logo. 

After this, tell us about your business in the About section. And also tell us how people can benefit from your service or products. And in the contact details, enter your phone number, address, Gmail ID, and website.

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Publish informative or entertaining content

You can definitely grow your business and increase sales on social media. However, if you share such posts every time you promote your business, you will not be able to gain customers or increase likes on your Facebook page. 

That’s why you put most of the posts in such a way that the audience gets information or finds that post entertaining. With this, he will also share those posts. because similar posts are shared more on social media. 

Only 3 out of your 10 posts should be promotional. With this, you will also be able to increase the likes on the Facebook page and will also be able keep your current audience engaged.

Be more active 

The algorithm of social media says that if you publish posts after giving a gap of many days, then you will not get that many likes. Because Facebook promotes more pages that keep the user’s experience in mind, 

And users also do not like pages that are not consistent in sharing content. Because users want content, and if they do not get related content from that niche, then they will consume content from any other page. 

That is why if you have a business page, you should definitely put useful content on it for 4 days a week. With this, Facebook’s algorithm will also recommend your page to more people.

Use your personal account 

To increase likes on your Facebook page, you must use your personal Facebook account. Because of this, you can send a request to all your Facebook friends to like your Facebook page in just a few seconds. 

How many Facebook likes you will get from your work depends on how many people you have invited and how many of them are active on Facebook. 

That’s why, if you feel that there are not many people on your Facebook friends list, you can ask the rest of your Facebook friends to share that page.


In this article, I have told you about the ways in which you can use these methods to increase likes on your Facebook page. But if this technique does not give you good results, there are other ways too.

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