How to Export Google Takeout to Outlook PST File Format?

Are you looking for a way to export Google Takeout to Outlook PST format as well? Consequently, you have arrived to the proper location. The greatest solution to your problem can be found in this tech post.

The MBOX formatted data from Gmail is extracted using Google Takeout. Outlook, however, only accepts PST-format files. That’s why a user has to export Google Takeout to Outlook PST format that works with Outlook.

Utilizing the built-in Google Takeout tool, download Gmail Account data into MBOX format. Use the Professional converter tool to convert it into PST format after that.

What Do You Mean by Google Takeout?

The Google Data Liberation Front created Google Takeout, sometimes referred to as Google Takeaway, as a backup service and project. Users of this program have the option to download a ZIP file that contains a backup of their Google account. Each service gets its own folder in the zip file after being chosen and exported.

Users may choose from a variety of services and export all of the data in its original format using this tool. Users of Google may create an updated backup of their Gmail data, including their emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

Difference Between Google Takeout & Outlook

Simply said, Google Takeout is a free service that archives data from Google accounts, specifically Gmail. It does not, however, provide a means of exporting Gmail emails to PST. The majority of users choose to access their email information using the Outlook application, which has grown to be the most widely used email program.

Only PST file formats are compatible with the Outlook program. Users must export Google Takeout to Outlook PST format in order to view the Google Takeout emails archive file in the Outlook platform.

Therefore, we’ll walk you through the procedure of importing Google Takeout’s mailbox into Outlook in the next section.

Best Way to Transfer Google Takeout Data to PST

Users frequently ask this question, yet Google does not directly offer a way to answer them. Although Google Takeout and Outlook both make it simple to access the calendar and contacts. due to their VCF and ICS file formats. However, the MBOX format is not supported by any version of MS Outlook. Because of this, there is no manual approach to accomplish the same thing.

But don’t worry, we have a tried-and-true method for finishing the job. It can export multiple Google mails into PST format, along with configurable folders.

Most crucially, the conversion operation may be completed without installing Outlook on the machine. It takes care to keep the data objects’ uniqueness and all of their attributes.

Note: If you already have a downloaded of Google Takeout data then simply move to Phase 2 to export Google Takeout to Outlook PST.

Phase 1: Download Google Application Data by Using Google Takeout

Using Google Takeout, you may regularly backup your Gmail emails. You may obtain Google data with ease by following these instructions. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Initially, sign on to Google Takeout using legitimate credentials.
  2. Choose the data services that you wish to backup to your system right now.
  3. Select the Google services backup that best suits your needs.
  4. By selecting the Create Export option, choose Create Archive. It begins setting up archive files with the chosen data.
  5. The time it takes for the archiving procedure to complete depends on how much data you have chosen to download. Depending on the amount of data, it may take hours or even days.
    await the email Click the Download your files button when you get it.
  6. A website will launch. Click on the download option to begin the download if it doesn’t begin immediately, then save the emails. Simply check the information in the selected area.
  7. After downloading the file. Once the Zip file has been extracted, all of the Gmail emails will be stored in MBOX format.

Phase 2: Export Google Takeout to Outlook PST Format by Using Automatic Solution

You are in possession of the MBOX file created by Google. Therefore, all that is required of you is that you export Google Takeout to Outlook PST format. It is simple to import this file into Outlook because MS Outlook supports it.

To do the conversion, we’ll utilise the 4n6 Google Takeout File Converter Tool. Since it is a reputable piece of software, the conversion will go smoothly and you will obtain clean Unicode PST files.

How to Use Google Takeout to Outlook Exporter Software?

  1. Firstly, go to the official product page and then download and install this software
  2. Click on the Open button and then Select Email Data files >> Google Takeout File option to upload the takeout files
  3. Thereafter click on the Export button and then select the PST option
  4. Finally, click on the Browse button to select the destination path and then hit the save button
    export Google Takeout to Outlook PST

Note: This method keeps the Google Takeout mailbox’s folder structure. Additionally, you have the option to choose which specific folders you want to convert Google Takeout data to PST for Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & 2003.


We were inspired to write this tech article because there are no direct ways to export Google Takeout to Outlook PST file formats. By using the instructions in this article, any user may access Google Takeout to Outlook with ease. To test the tool’s capabilities, use the Demo version.

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