How to Export Email Addresses from Zimbra Cloud?

In this blog we are going to discuss how to export email addresses from Zimbra? There are multiple users who are searching for a solution for this issue. So, read the whole blog and follow the process to accomplish the task.

Zimbra is an open-source platform including email, contacts, calendars, documents, and other features. It is a web-based application suite, which can be implemented as a private cloud on-site or an outsourced public cloud service.

There are many reasons due to which users export email addresses from Zimbra. But they are not aware about the right solution. There are many solutions available in the market, but users want best solution for them. Email Address Extractor Software is the best software solution for users.

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Export Email Addresses from Zimbra Cloud – Using third party solution

Zimbra email address extractor can be used easily by users. It can be used by the novice users as well. Workings of this application are very simple. This program aptly pulls email IDs of mail services in bulk to local storage. It has batch mode option to extract all email address of multiple mail accounts in a single go.  This utility can easily extract emails ids from fields such as email body, To, From, CC, BCC to a tidy list. It can swiftly fetch email addresses of inbox, sent items, spam, etc. from each message. Tool has a data filter option to refine email addresses of particular Date, Range, Subject, etc.

Why to use Zimbra email address extractor – Features and Benefits

There are many features of this application which is helpful for users. Some of the features are:

Retrieve email addresses from any label in your email account

This Zimbra Address Extractor possesses all essential features of email ID extraction process. It has the proficiency to extract email addresses from any label in Zimbra account. It has the potential to harvest email addresses from all folders of Webmail account. User can choose to pull email address either from all folders or from folders of inbox, outbox, sent items, trash, spam, starred, etc individually. Therefore, user can easily pull email IDs from matching email threads according to the user’s requirement.

Get specific email address in a snap

The program for finding unique email addresses contains sophisticated features. It serves the entire task well. Manually it will take a lot of time to search for a particular email folder from which user want to extract email addresses. Hence, using the “Advance Settings for Selective Backup” option to get email addresses from account by sorting the emails as per Date Range, From, To, Subject, etc. This method saves a lot of user time and effort when extracting email addresses.

Harvest email addresses of Multiple accounts

This software is a state of art that has expertise in pulling all email IDs at any cost. The whole GUI of this extractor has been constructed in such a manner so as to fulfil all requirements of the users. Hence, for the individuals who are running more than one email account can easily extract email addresses from Zimbra using the “Batch Mode” option. User can swiftly extract all email IDs from multiple Webmail accounts in a single processing.

Grab email addresses at desired location

This expert solution that collects email IDs from Zimbra accounts and save the output extracted email addresses at a desired location on computer. This software of Web email address extraction tool gives benefit to user as they can save all email IDs of popular mail services to a safe location on your local PC. Hence, user can refer these email IDs whenever needed in future.

How to Export Email Addresses from Zimbra – Complete working steps

Users has to follow these simple steps to fulfil this procedure:

export email addresses from zimbra
  1. First, install and run Zimbra email address extractor on your system.
  2. Then, select Zimbra as a email source from the software panel.
  3. After that, enter Zimbra account login credentials to continue the process. Enter its email id and password and tap on login button.
  4. If user have multiple Zimbra accounts then fill details of all the accounts and upload the CSV file containing the user id and password.
  5. Now, choose required email folders for email address extraction process.
  6. Thereafter, enable the use “Selective Export Settings for Extracting Email Addresses and Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup” if required.
  7. After that, user can choose a desired destination path for saving resultant extracted email addresses.
  8. User can confirm the process by clicking on “Backup” button. The user’s screen displays the ongoing process.
  9. Lastly, after completion of task, a pop-up box will appear on the screen. Click on OK.

Use Free Demo Version of The Application

This software has many in built features which can help users in completing this task easily. This Zimbra email address extractor program provides demo version to the users. It is totally free of cost. In trail version user can easily export 25 email address from each folder. However, it will help users in knowing the software well.

After having full satisfaction user can purchase the licensed edition of the software. In which they can extract unlimited email address and will get more benefits as well.

Final Verdict

In this blog, we have discussed about how to export email addresses from Zimbra. Many users stuck here, as they don’t know about the right procedure to complete the task. By following above mentioned steps users can accomplish this task. This tool is beneficial for users. It is a professional tool but there is no need to learn any technical skills. Both technical and non – technical users can use this program.

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