How to Draw Warrior Cats

How to Draw Warrior Cats

When you think of mighty warriors, cats may not be the first creature to mind. These animals are not usually particularly warlike, but in the Warrior Cats series, these felines take center stage and participate in many battles and adventures.

Their adventures have spanned many books and series, and these brave cats have gained fans worldwide. For this reason, many would like to learn how to draw warrior cats to celebrate their fandom for the series. This step-by-step guide on drawing warrior cats will have you draw your favorite characters in no time!

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How to draw fighter cats – let’s obtain started!

Step 1

To start this guide on how to draw warrior cats, we’ll start with the cat’s head and ears. You’ll be using a lot of sharp, spiky lines for this head, as it will give it a shaggy look.

However, the ears will be drawn with some slightly softer lines. As you draw this step and others, refer to the reference image to guide you closely.

Step 2

In this part of your Warrior Cats drawing, you can start with your cat’s back and chest.

The lines you’ll use for these parts of the cat will be sharp and pointed like the ones you used for the head in the previous step.

Step 3

For this part of our guide on drawing warrior cats, you can add your cat’s first paw. The leg will be long and thick, with a large leg at the end. In this step, you can also draw the start of the feline’s belly.

Step 4

Now that you’ve drawn the cat’s front leg, you can add the thicker rear leg to this part of your Warrior Cats drawing.

This leg will look very similar to the first one you drew; however, as we mentioned, it will be a bit thicker this time.

It will be drawn with some smooth lines at the front, but the rear will be rougher like other car areas so that it will look furry too.

step 5

All cats need a tail, so we’ll add one in this step of our guide on how to draw warrior cats. Usually, you can expect a fairly thin tail in a cat, but this cat will have a thick, furry one.

The tail will have a smooth line at the top, but the line at the bottom will have the same jagged appearance you used earlier to create a furry look.

Step 6

You’ve made two legs for your Warrior Cats drawing so far, so you shouldn’t have a problem adding the next two! These will go next to the ones you drew and look very similar to those.

Step 7

Before we move on to the final coloring stage of this guide on drawing warrior cats, you have a few final details and elements to add. The main element you need to add is a face for your drawing. The cat’s eyes will be quite large and angular, and you can top them off with some circular shapes inside of them.

Then you can draw a nose under the eyes, and you can finish the face with some curved lines for the mouth. Someday, before continuing, you can count some final details to the picture. As you can see in our reference image, we’ve added some lines to the back and tail to give the cat some striped detail. You can again add pieces, like a cool background for the image! 

How choose you to finish this image before the final step?

step 8

This final step of your Warrior Cats drawing will have you end up with some color! In our example image, we used a white and orange color scheme; however, you can use any color you like! You can make your favorite characters from the Warrior Cats series using stains! You can also color the background elements for additional color variation if you create a background.

Knowing what colors you’d like to use, you can also have fun with your artistic mediums. Mediums like acrylic paints, colored pens, and traits are great for a more vibrant image. Watercolors, colored pencils, and crayons are great for muted colors, so you have plenty of options to consider!

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