How to Draw A Stone

How to Draw A Stone. Rocks are an integral part of the natural landscape. So if you like to draw beautiful natural landscapes, you must learn how to draw a rock.

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Also, you can customize the stone as much as you want and its colors! So what are you waiting for? Grab a scrap of paper and a cell, and let’s draw together!

How to Draw A Stone

Step 1

Start sketching this flat stone by pulling the edge or outline. As the illustration shows, draw five diagonal lines (these will form the top) and two unconnected curved lines (the bottom).

Step 2

This time connect the bottom by adding the middle section. As shown in the picture, you draw two connected diagonal lines and two short vertical lines (one on each side) below. You’ve finally outlined the rock!

Step 3

In this step, you’ll start making the stone look realistic! Draw the inside of the flat top by adding three connected diagonal lines as shown. The third diagonal line seems to disappear.

Step 4

This step is only a continuance of step 3. You’ll draw a shorter version of what you did in step 3: just two shorter diagonal lines. This will also have a “washed out” effect, as in step 3.

Step 5

Here we are trying to make the flat rock more realistic. As shown in the illustration, you’ll add more diagonal and curved lines on the flat top of the stone.

Step 6

In this step, we will add more realism to your flat rock. Add two short diagonal lines at the bottom left side of the stone.

Step 7

Here you draw a long diagonal line. This almost vertical diagonal line connects the part marked in step 3 to the amount outlined in step 2, as shown in the figure.

Step 8

In this step, you’ll add two relatively shorter lines right next to the almost vertical line you drew in step 7.

Draw A Stone

Step 9

But this time, add those short lines twice on the right side of the rock. There you have it: we’ve successfully drawn a realistic rock!

Stone Drawing

Now it’s finally time for the most exciting part: choosing the colors and coloring the rock! To make your flat stone stand out, it’s time to add colors! We have used different shades of gray in the illustration, but you can also add other colors or tints.

3 More Tips to Make Drawing Rocks Easier!

Get ready to make your skirt sketch even more impressive with these tips!

Tip #1

This rock design may look simple, but there are also some finer details to this more straightforward design. The stone has a flat top with some surface bars on the sides.

These details give the stone a more realistic look but can also make it difficult to draw. If you find these details challenging to draw, you can simplify or remove these extra details entirely.

Tip #2

If you choose to do this, try to focus on the particularly challenging parts of the drawing. This way, you can try to keep as much detail as possible.

Another way to make this rock sketch a little easier is to add something on or near it. You could pick something easy to draw if you have to.

Tip #3

Adding another object or creature would help draw attention to that new addition, not the rock. For example, you could draw a cute frog sitting on a rock.

Not only would this hide some detail on the rock, but it would also draw attention to the frog instead of the rock, so any imperfections aren’t as noticeable. Finally, you can simplify your rock sketch using a natural rock template. To start this process, go to your yard or a local playground if you don’t have a property.

Tip #4

If possible, try to find a rock that looks like our example, but any exciting rock you find will also work. This natural rock will help you draw more delicate details and shapes of the stone.

When you have found an excellent selection of stones, you can make a selection of stones for this piece of art. Even if you don’t see a rock that looks similar to ours, it will still help you!

Your rock Drawing is Finished!

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