Everything You Need To Know About Andharban Trek

Quick Facts-

  • Pimpri is in Maharashtra’s Tamhini Ghat district.
  • The elevation is 2160 feet.
  • The trek will take approximately 5 hours (13 kilometres trail)
  • Level of difficulty is easy

Monsoons and the Sahyadris are a perfect match. The magnificent Western Ghats offer rewarding trekking opportunities for adventurers and nature lovers. The Andharban Trek remains a popular weekend excursion for Pune residents. Andharban Trek is one of Maharashtra’s most rejuvenating treks, taking you through dense forests, enchanting waterfalls, and mist-clad deep green valleys. Andharban translates as “dark forest”. The Andharan Forest is located in the Tamhini Ghats at an elevation of 2,160 feet. 

The trek begins with a descent from the Sahyadris to the Kundalika Valley, which leads to the peaceful backwaters of Bhira Dam. This hike also takes you to Devkund Waterfall, Plus Valley, and Tamhini Ghat. In contrast to most treks that require you to hike up to a higher elevation, the Andharban Trek requires you to descend throughout the trek.

Journey – 

The trek begins at Independence Point in Pimpri village, near Pimpri Dam. The trail descends a shallow U-shaped valley through the Kundalika Valley. The trail begins at the Bhira Dam. The Andharban Trek is a difficult trek during the monsoon season due to the humidity and slick paths. The 13-kilometre hike takes four to five hours to complete on average.

Because the Andharban Trek is a jungle trek, expect dense forests devoid of human settlements. You should have enough flashlights, torches, food, and water to last the entire day. The trek also provides fantastic sighting opportunities. Birds commonly seen include dwarf kingfishers, Nilgiri wood pigeons, Malabar whistling thrushes, Malabar grey hornbills, and white-bellied blue-flycatchers. Look out for the elusive Indian Giant Squirrel.

The journey comes to an end in Patnus village. The village of Bhira is only a short distance away. Patnus has nice lodges, camping areas, and restaurants, making it a good place to stay. You could even spend the night in Lonavala.

When to Travel-

Andharban Trek can be done at any time of year. However, the best time to visit is during the monsoon season and the months following it. When the heavens open up, the foggy Western Ghats are at their most majestic.

How to Get There- 

The trek begins in the village of Pimpri. Pimpri is conveniently located between Pune and Lonavala. Travelling by car or taxi is preferable.

Lonavala is the nearest railhead. It has good connections to Pune and Mumbai.

The nearest airports by air are in Pune and Mumbai. From Pune, take a taxi to Pimpri.


During your Andharban trekking adventure, you will come across numerous attractions.

Tamhini Waterfalls, Plus Valley Trek, Devkund Waterfall, and Hemant Waterfall are all must-sees. Tamhini Ghat View Point and Tamhini Hill Top also provide breathtaking views.

You can also go rafting on the Kundalika River, which is a separate activity that draws its own crowd of thrill seekers.

Lavasa, about 2 hours from Pimpri, has several high-end resorts. Other activities available include ziplining, lakeshore kayaking, and even jet skiing. The Temghar Dam is also worth seeing.

Other attractions include Sudhagad Lake, Takmak Point, Ekole Valley View, Shivling Point, Anghai Fort, Songiri Fort, Thanale Caves, Sarasgad Fort, and Tung Fort. Kune Falls, Bhorghat, and Bhushi Dam are all nearby attractions. It is recommended that after completing your trek, you stay for a day or two, or for a weekend, and explore the surrounding area. The area is lovely but somewhat remote, and it will provide you with an excellent opportunity.

Recommendations for Safety must follows-

  • It is best to dress in long sleeves and bring an umbrella.
  • Carry paper towels as well as small towels.
  • Pack light snacks like sandwiches or an energy bar in case you get hungry before arriving in Patnus.
  • Bring a torch and a Swiss army knife with you to help you cut through the dense undergrowth.
  • Keep a sprain reliever on hand to avoid unexpected injuries.
  • Wear high-quality trekking boots, preferably water-resistant ones, as you will be wading through streams and waterfalls.
  • Bring a power bank as well as plenty of water.
  • Bring mosquito repellent if you intend to spend the night camping.
  • If you must use public transportation, consider hiring a private taxi for the day.
  • Do not leave litter in the area, and do not play loud music or cause a commotion that may disrupt the locals’ daily lives. Carry no single-use plastic.
  • Before beginning the trek, ensure that you are in good health and that you do not have high blood pressure or heart problems.
  • When walking on slick rocks and boulders, use caution.

Plan a trek to the surreal Andharban during the monsoon and winter seasons to experience the best of Sahyadri.

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