Cleaning of stairs better with a professional company

Although most buildings already have an elevator given current regulations. Stairs are still one of the busiest common areas in any neighborhood community. This means that they are a source of bacteria and, therefore, infections.

Cleaning stairs in neighborhood communities in the proper way is essential for their maintenance and hygiene. Since it is a place with a lot of movement of people. Its cleanliness means safety for all neighbors.

Why is it important to clean stairs in neighboring communities?

Stairs and corridors are the most used common areas in a neighborhood community. Therefore, cleaning these areas of the portal is one of the most important. Frequent tasks of a professional cleaning service. In fact, it is a task that must be performed daily.

Cleaning professionals choose the best times and the least traffic. So as not to interrupt the passage of neighbors as much as possible. In addition, we must take the safety of both the neighbors and the professionals in charge into account.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we offer you our experience in the cleaning sector. Endorsed by dozens of communities satisfied with our work. Who have seen our way of cleaning and have stayed with us.

How is the cleaning of stairs carried out in neighboring communities by a professional company?

Before starting the cleaning work on stairs in neighboring communities, wet areas must be correctly marked and we must restrict passaging people as much as possible to maximize safety and work efficiency.

Once this is done, we carry the following tasks out to properly clean the stairs of a community of neighbors:

  • Dust cleaning. The professional in charge will remove the dust from the highest areas. So that it falls to the ground. These places are usually railings and walls. Tend to accumulate many bacteria and also tend to be a source of common infection.
  • Sweeping of steps. The sweeping of steps will always be carried out from top to bottom. Depending on the type of ladder, a standard sweeping brush or an electric vacuum cleaner is used.
  • Scrubbing the stairs: once the dust and dirt have been swept away, the professional moves on to scrub the community stairs. Depending on the material from which we made them, he uses one type of product or another. 
  • Check cleanliness: it is important to allow a few minutes for the stairs to dry so that you can properly check if there are any stains. If so, they are treated with specific products depending on the type of steps.

As we have already mentioned, this task is usually done every day – or that is recommended. In neighborhood communities that have an elevator, this does not have to be the case, but in those that do not have an elevator, we must clean the stairs every day.

A professional cleaner cleans some wooden stairs with a red brush

Cleaning of stairs according to the type of material 

As you have been able to read a moment ago, the cleaning of stairs in neighborhood communities depends to a large extent on the material with which we make them. It is important that the cleaning professional takes this into account since using the wrong material can damage the stairs and even neutralize them, preventing their safe use.

stone stair cleaning

We made the most common stairs in current neighborhood communities of stone, specifically granite or marble. To clean this type of stairs, a sweep with a soft brush is used to avoid scratches.

As for scrubbing, it is done with products with bio-alcohol that disinfect and, in addition, dry quickly. If the stains persist, ammonia can be used.

Tile Stair Cleaning

There are also tiled stairs, very durable but fragile before strong blows. 

These stairs are swept and scrubbed with neutral PH products; As for persistent stains, we cleaned them with hot water with vinegar, since chemical liquids can damage them.

Cleaning of wooden stairs

As for the wooden stairs, these are very elegant and showy but require daily cleaning, as it quickly gives the impression that they are aged. For this reason, remove the dust from these stairs with a dry cloth or, failing that, a cloth or cotton cloth and polish them with natural waxes.

We also recommended it to use linseed oil to care for wooden stairs. We should use this product in small quantities and in the grain’s direction so that, together with subsequent drying with a cotton cloth, we achieved a better shine.

Cleaning of carpeted or carpeted stairs

Carpeted or carpeted we should vacuum stairs daily to remove dust and dirt, as well as to prevent odor build-up. As for persistent stains, we should remove these with dry cleaning products that do not damage the carpet or rug.

Cleaning of stairs in neighboring communities: better with a professional company

As you can see, cleaning the stairs in a neighborhood community is a continuous and arduous task that requires the right knowledge and materials to avoid wearing out this common area and guarantee the hygiene of the portal and the safety of the neighbors.

For this reason, although it is a task that neighbors usually alternate, it is best to have a professional company that ensures the best results and‌ that these are constant since this work at the hands of different neighbors can lead to results not homogeneous. With the help of a professional company, you will achieve comprehensive cleaning and satisfactory results when cleaning stairs in a community of neighbors. 

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